Friday, 1 August 2014

Inconnu supporting the Head Start Project!

Inconnu are officially supporting the Head Start Project for the charity, Walking with the Wounded. All of the money raised through Inconnu's CD sales will be donated to Walking with the Wounded to support the ex- service personnel suffering with mental injury's.

       "Head Start is a programme designed to address the increasing needs of those suffering with mental injury for ex-service personnel and sits alongside current provision through the NHS and other relevant charities. The programme has been designed to provide access to discounted private mental health therapy via a network of 800 mental health professionals throughout the UK."

Many service personnel are injured from War, past and present, but not all injuries are physical. These people have been injured emotionally and mentally and they need just as much support to get back into work outside of the military. 

If you would love to help us raise money for this incredible project then please help Inconnu to raise the money to kick off our CD production, while honouring your hero on the Inconnu Roll of Honour

In commemoration for the the centenary of the First World War for only £10 you can honour your hero on the Inconnu Roll of Honour and pre-order the CD download and booklet containing the names from the Roll of Honour as a memoriam. In doing so you will help us to produce CD's and begin raising money for the project. 

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